• 選考委員会において受賞作品、優秀作品を選び、優秀作品は二か国語に翻訳し出版します。
  • 授賞式及び批評会、シンポジウム 2020年11月奈良、大阪、東京/2021年3月キャンベラ、メルボルン、シドニー
  • The selection committee will select the winning and highly commended works which will then be translated and published in a bilingual volume.
  • Award ceremonies and poetry reading events will be held in Japan in November 2020 (Nara, Osaka, Tokyo) and in Australia in March 2021 (Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney)


  • 連作部門の最優秀作品のみ15首全掲載、2位10首、3位5首
  • ほか、連作の中から1首、題詠「ルーツ」作品各1首ずつ掲載
  • In the sequence category, all 15 poems of the first place winner’s works will be published, 10 of the 2nd place winner and 5 of the third place winner.
  • In addition to the winners in the “Roots” themed categories, selected works will also be included in the publication.
  • Some individual poems from the sequence categories will also be included.


  • 英訳:アメリア・フィールデン、キャロル・ヘイズ
  • 日本語訳:小城小枝子、ラム直子、服部崇、松本実穂
  • 翻訳の担当ふりわけ:田中
  • English: Amelia Fielden & Carol Hayes
  • Japanese: Saeko Ogi, Naoko Lamb, Takahashi Hattori & Miho Matsumoto
  • Translation Coordinator: Noriko Tanaka


  • 2020年9月〜10月:September-October 2020
    • ホームページに二か国語掲載
    • 記念本に二か国語掲載
    • 選考委員のコメント
    • Winning works will be posted in both languages on the site
    • Winning and highly commended works will be published in the translation volume.
    • Selection committee and other reviews will be posted on the site